Restoration of Lighthouse Overture Parts (in progress)

in progress

18 September 2013 - In 2003, my computer suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure that resulted in the loss of many of my music files. Much of the data was restored, partly thanks to a grant from the Peabody Conservatory. But last year I discovered that some of the recovered parts to my program piece Lighthouse Overture are corrupted beyond usability, so they must be done over. I hate that!

Yet a mere 4 out of 32 of them are damaged—I need to swallow my pride, carve out a few hours, and simply get it taken care of. Then there will be another piece in the catalogue.

Actually, there's a story here: my own program notes to this work read, in part, "Lighthouse Overture portrays that beacon and a ship that receives the signal; however, the ship deliberately ignores it and proceeds onward through a violent storm to destruction." Sigh... the whole hard drive experience taught me the importance of backing up.

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