Terms and Conditions

  1. On this site, I put forth exclusively my own opinions unless otherwise noted. The materials I have used in my music are either my own creations or, to the best of my knowledge, sources I am legally permitted to use.
  2. Likewise, I have no control over the contents of other sites to which links may be provided, except my own files housed on storage sites.
  3. I do not accept submissions of lyrics or music for publication, or offers of engraving or typesetting services.
  4. I may use (anonymously) comments and statistical information provided by users of this site, for promotional purposes.
  5. All prices and rates are in U.S. dollars.
  6. I take no responsibility for and will not be held liable for import duties, customs fees, taxes, etc. on music sold to customers outside the United Kingdom.
  7. Customers purchasing music licenses via digital downloads agree to abide by the license agreement included with the work.
  8. Prices, terms, and special offers are subject to change.

Privacy Policy

How do I use your information?

  1. As part of my business, I ask for personal data, chiefly names and email addresses. My use of these data is limited to that which is necessary for communication, for instance:
    1. processing orders;
    2. responding to feedback and questions;
    3. providing updates of activities relevant to your interests; and
    4. sending newsletters (only to those who have opted in).
  2. If appropriate, e.g. in negotiations for a commission or in the case of special requests for services, I may ask for a telephone number or correspondence address, to enable more effective contact.
  3. It is not required to provide any personal data to use my website. Any data you provide is given on a voluntary basis.
  4. You may request not to receive further communications from me, and/or have your personal data removed, at any time, by contacting me. If you make such a request, please remember:
    1. I then may not be able to assist with any problems you experience in purchasing or performing my music, unless you once more permit communications.
    2. I will need to retain a note of certain relevant details on an internal "do not contact" list in order to honor the request.
    3. If a contract exists between us at the time of the request, I may still contact you until all contractual obligations are fulfilled.
  5. If you contact me via my online form and authorize me to send further information, I may provide links or other information that I believe you would find relevant.
  6. I will not contact anyone about matters on which I do not believe they want a response.
  7. I will not share users' personal details with anyone else, unless:
    1. I am contacted by an appropriate authority who requires specific personal data by law; or
    2. it is necessary in order to see that contractual obligations are fulfilled, such as payment for services.
  8. My website uses session cookies to monitor people's use of the site. Please bear in mind the following:
    1. These commonplace electronic files are entirely anonymous; they collect no personal information from your computer.
    2. If I can figure out how to interpret the browsing data they provide, I hope to use it to improve my users' experience.
    3. Meantime, the switch from plain HTML to a content management system is a steep learning curve, and in all honesty, I'm not sure how to switch cookies off for you at this point.
    4. However, I am advising you about them in order to comply with EU law, and you can manage them in your browser (or remove them entirely) according to your preferences--a good resource I found that contains guides to many browsers is aboutcookies.org .
    5. If you continue to browse Jeremy Irish Music, I must assume that you agree to this cookie policy.
    6. Please contact me if you have specific concerns.

--Jeremy Irish
Sole Proprietor/Sole Trader, Jeremy Irish Music

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